At present there are in total 14 projects that have started within the center and they are presented in the list below. Each project is then discribed in its on heading in the drop-down menu on the left.


  1. Non-flammable liquid electrolytes for safe batteries
  2. Graphite and graphene in battery electrodes
  3. Fiber-optic sensing for in-situ evaluation of lithium ion-battery cells
  4. Multi-scale modelling: from SEI formation to cell-level
  5. Operando characterization
  6. Recycling technologies: achievable products and challenges related to impurities
  7. Polymer-based solid electrolytes
  8. Printing techniques for composite electrodes
  9. Modelling and characterization for safety and ageing testing
  10. Mechanical modelling and characterization of batteries
  11. Upscaling solid-state Li-battery processes and manufacturing technology
  12. Improved mythology for characterization of heat release and emissions during thermal runaway
  13. Cross-cutting: Intervention of gender perspective in BASE
  14. Cross-cutting: Life-cycle assessment

Last modified: 2021-11-04