Emerging concepts

Emerging concepts, defined as all possible battery chemistries, which can lead to ultra-high performance, will be embraced. The excellence and experience available by the academic partners of the Centre will lead to a continuous flow of novel materials and concepts with the Swedish raw materials (graphite, graphene, iron, manganese, multi-valent ions, biomaterials, etc.) as the prerequisite for the choices of activities. All research activities, however, will be driven by the end-user perspective (be it automotive, heavy-duty tools, energy storage, UPS’s etc.), since the needs and requirements for the different end-users must be in focus. 

Experimental and modelling efforts will go hand-in-hand. The most significant results emerging from the projects within this theme will be presented at each General Assembly of the Centre, and used to promote interaction between the partners with respect to new projects, patents and applications. Development of modelling tools will be supported by Comsol. The end-user needs will be formulated by all automotive companies, AB Libergreen and ABB. Upscaling of materials will be provided by either Altris, Höganäs, Graphmatec, LeadingEdge/Woxna, SAFT, and Northvolt. Cell formulations based on new upscaled materials will be tested by LiFeSiZE, SAFT and Northvolt. Synthesis processes will be developed to secure industrial up-scaling of components. The challenges associated with up-scaling of components from mg-to-g lab-scale to 100g-to-kg industrial scale will be addressed in the early R&D phase of each sub-project.