Our vision and goals

The long-term vision of Batteries Sweden (BASE) is to address the energy storage challenges associated with the transition to a fossil-free society. The centre creates an environmentally and sustainably sound scientific, technological and innovation platform for battery development in our future society. Timing is of the essence and BASE comes at the right point in time with respect to research, innovation and development initiatives in Europe and worldwide!

Our vision can be summarized as follows:

  • Create a World-class academic battery research environment in Sweden with a focus on battery storage materials, components and systems. This region is ideal for this purpose as we already have: experienced and productive academic groups, battery producers and developers, and industrial end-users with increasingly high demands on efficient electrochemical energy storage
  • Establish a dedicated industrial environment for electrochemical energy storage, involving SMEs and multinational corporations, with cell fabrication, testing and environmental analysis of storage devices in end-user applications as core competences
  • Create a cross-fertilizing environment between academia and industry to promote: the rapid implementation of new scientific breakthroughs into industrial applications, thereby increasing Sweden’s ability to compete in a future battery market
  • Realize a dynamic knowledge-based interface with society

How do we plan to realize our vision?

Our underlying strategy is to base all activities on the excellent research carried out by the participants within three different broad themes.

  • Emerging concepts
  • The Smart Battery Cell
  • Modelling and characterization hand-in-hand

To summarize, the goal of Batteries Sweden (BASE) can be described as follows​:

  • Build an internationally leading Swedish scientific/technological/innovation Centre of Excellence for a wide range of batteries concepts
  • Develop an ultrahigh performance battery by taking novel battery materials, components and concepts based on lithium, sodium, metal-air/sulphur, biomaterials, and iron/manganese through the whole value-chain from research scale to at least pilot-scale production where this is appropriate
  • Ensure environmentally friendly production of materials, electrodes and battery cells through the use of LCA and recycling-by-demand
  • Support end-users in Sweden with battery test procedures and cutting-edge scientific evaluations of their test results
  • Provide society with necessary information and competence regarding emerging electrochemical energy storage solutions
  • Create an inspiring research atmosphere enabling young scientists, PhDs and Master students to work in close collaboration with the leading industries in the field
  • Develop new courses or course modules at all levels for life- long learning and on request for the involved companies
  • Introduce an international dimension into our work through collaboration with International Centres
  • Attract World-leading young scientist to work in the Centre through, for example, Marie Curie Fellowships

This project is supported by VINNOVA
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